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Say goodbye to ugly software, clunky integrations, and subscription fatigue and hello to ClassKid - the modern-day, auto-magic software that helps you fill, sell, and run your classes... all in one.

Marketing 📣 Billing 💰 Reporting 📊 Automation ⚡️ and more!...

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Fill Your Classes, Not Your To-Do List

Introducing, ClassKid lite...
Now you can fill your classes on auto-pilot, without giving up what you love.

Without ClassKid

After using ClassKid...

You have everything you need to fill, sell, and run your classes in one place. You can access your website, classes, marketing, reporting, students, leads, communication, automations, billing, and more from a single dashboard. And since it's all built together, it works together - better.

Now, you can stress less and spend more time on everything else that matters.

  • "

    After implementing this system, our enrollment increased 40% and our growth has continued steadily every year since. We recently expanded our building and acquired additional classroom space."

    Suzy Simpson

    3-D Dance

  • "

    I've waited a long time for a software like ClassKid! It makes running our studio so much easier. With everything in one place, our day to day tasks are a breeze. We're able to market specifically to the classes that need a boost, and our enrollment is growing!"

    Robin Wiencek

    EMC Performing Arts

  • "

    We have been able to increase our student numbers by 30% over last season. Using systems and automations makes it easy for members of our team to serve our clients in the most professional way possible."

    Meghan Gordon

    Velocity Dance Center

  • "

    We've grown our student body from 550 to 750. Just the simplicity of the software has been a game-changer for our team."

    Amy Simkins

    Expressions Dance

  • "

    We were at 150 students for 9 years. We are now at 292, which has doubled my income personally. I'm a happy person again."

    Emily Robbins

    Academy of Dance Arts

  • Boost enrollment

    Struggling to get the word out? ClassKid offers a suite of marketing tools that helps you build campaigns (or "funnels") quickly and easily. You can launch promos like special offers and trials for your classes without having to hire someone or build these things from scratch! You can even automate almost any workflow for leads and students who sign up through the system, text and email people, track potential students until they enroll, and so much more.

    Boost enrollment

    Own your day

    With ClassKid, you can manage all of the ways you bill your customers, run reports to get deeper insight, get more done faster with task (and people) management, easily communicate with parents, teachers, and staff, and keep whatever's most important at your finger tips - all without ugly software, workarounds, or subscription fatigue! Now, you finally have a minute to breathe, a moment to catch up, and time to enjoy your day.

    Own your day

    We shape the future of the world

    Former professional dancer, now CEO of ClassKid, Austin Roberson, shares the story behind his first software project and how it evolved into ClassKid - a tech company on a mission to lift up kids. Click play to learn more!

    We shape the future of the world

    Powerful features, all in one tool

    • Dashboard

      Get a snapshot of what's most important.

    • People

      Manage families, students, and staff.

    • Timetable

      See what's up & who's coming today.

    • Tasks

      Wrangle projects & who's doing what.

    • Reports

      Research & analyze key metrics.

    • Payments

      Charge for classes, merch, and more!

    • Automations

      Streamline, and stay out of the weeds.

    • Messages

      Text & email your prospects and leads.

    • Landing pages

      Fill classes, without complex funnels.

    • Store

      Sell any product in your pretty, online store.

    • Portal

      Keep families in the loop, without email.

    • Analytics

      Figure out what and who's working best.

    • Website

      Automatically update your website.

    • Forms

      Launch campaigns that generate leads.

    • Pipelines

      Never, ever lose another lead again.

    • Discounts

      Apply multi-class & multi-student discounts.

    • Coupons

      Engage and convert new customers.

    • Trials

      Offer trials & track who enrolls.

    • Notes

      Keep everyone on the same page.

    • Attendance

      Know who showed & who didn't (and why).

    • Special offers

      Launch promos to attract new students.

    Grow with ClassKid

      Same-day support

      Get help via chat, email, or online meetings.*

      Optional integrations

      Facebook, Google, Stripe, Quickbooks and more!

      Certified pros

      Hire qualified help affordably and fast.

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    Say hello to ClassKid - the modern-day, auto-magic software that helps you fill, sell, and run your classes... all in one!


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